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About Kevin Patt

Kevin has been performing since he was eleven when he would sing with his father Danny Patt, a professional keyboard player. Started playing guitar at age 12 when his father gave him a Gibson Melody Maker guitar and amp for his birthday. Danny encouraged Kevin to take guitar lessons and learn music on a professional level. Kevin was a natural and learned to play and read music at a rapid pace. 

By the time Kevin reached high school he was playing in a band for school dances and parties.

After high school Kevin studied music in college, as a voice major although he sang Italian arias and operatic music, his love was country and rock music. Heavily influenced by Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison the Beatles and Beach Boys. Kevin listened to all the singers from the sixties to present and learned singing techniques for all of them. He has developed his own unique vocal style based on all these vocal influences.

Since Kevin could play a melody with chords guitar style, he performed for many years as a solo musician. Singing and playing guitar thru college around Massachusetts and Connecticut and later in the Miami Florida area he was able to continue his musical career and make a reasonable living.

While between music gigs Kevin took a job as a pitchman selling Ginsu Knives in Home Shows and fairs around the New England area. This job took Kevin away from his music career but soon he began writing children songs as a result of reading and listening to motivational books and tapes specifically for salesmen.

Kevin wanted to create a motivational course for children to learn these rules for success. From a dream his wife, Lorraine, had, they created the Legend of The Dream Spirits, Chanson the Mood Maker and Someille the Dream Duster.  This was a musical fantasy story, which would teach self-esteem, success techniques children could relate to. After four years of recording and production they finally had the first CD ready for sale. Kevin soon learned that promotion was a full time job and could not afford to do it. So he kept selling kitchen gadgets and writing more country and rock songs. He realized he had a gift to create music and has been developing his craft to this day.

Thanks to recognition of these special talents by Doc Holiday, Kevin now has recorded one of his favorite songs written to his wife, “Kisses”. Now the listening world has the opportunity to enjoy the unique talent of Kevin Patt.

Kevin has been joined by his wife Lorraine. She sings both lead and harmony with Kevin. They perform a variety of music including Country, Rockabilly, Classic Rock, Soft Rock and classic oldies and Kevin's original music.
Since they play both Rock and Soft Rock styles they call their Duo Wild'n'Mild to describe their musical styles.
They are presently working on recording an album together.
Look for us on Facebook Wild'n'Wild Band page.