Kevin Patt
Kevin plays this Modified Purple
Guiletti Guitar:
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Kevin and Lorraine Patt 

become a singing musical Duo!
Wild 'n' Mild

Lorraine Patt,  Kevin's  wife, has joined him in his music career by singing harmony and solo. She adds a perfect blend with Kevin's voice and dynamics to the vocal sound.
We have named ourselves Wild 'n' Mild
we perform as a duo but we add other musicians as we need them.

News and Events

I have  completed the album we've been recording in Quad Studio, Nashville. It is called Kevin Patt Livin In A Daydream and includes 9 of my original songs performed by me with Doc Holiday as producer and the Legendary A Team laying down the music tracks. These songs are lots of fun and full of feeling.
The album is available on all music digital download services world wide for a limited time.
Kevin recorded this complete album at Quad Studios in Nashville, Tennesee. Doc Holiday was the producer and his A team of studio musicians created the musical tracks. at left is the photo of Kevin and Doc Holiday in Nashville.

While waiting for my music to explode on the charts, I am keeping my day job as a pitchman. I will be selling kitchen gadgets where ever assigned by the direct sales company I work for.
With your help by buying my album which will show the Major record labels that my music sells, I will be able to give up the day job and get out there and tour with my music.

Wild 'n' Mild perform at local open mic venues. We play songs of the 50's 60's thru present. Music we like to play include Country, Country Rock, Classic Rock, Rockabilly Plus we play my original Kevin Patt original songs which fit into the Country Rock and Rockabilly genre.