Kevin Patt
Kevin plays this Modified Purple
Guiletti Guitar:


Kevin Patt Livin In A Daydream

songs included:

1. Way To Busy
2. Working Time
3. Sending You Kisses 
4. Drunk and Lonesome
5. How Beautiful
6. Won My Wife
7. Memory of you
8. Livin In A Daydream
9. This Bed

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Coming soon next album "Kevin Patt with Wild'n'Mild: Shut Up N Rock"
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When you buy from an independent artist you are buying more than just a painting or a novel or a song. You are buying hundreds of hours of experimentation and thousands of failures. You are buying days, weeks, months, years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are buying nights of worry about paying the rent, having enough money to eat, having enough money to feed the children, the birds, the dog. You aren't just buying a thing, you are buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a private moment in someone's life. Most importantly, you are buying that artist more time to do something they are truly passionate about; something that makes all of the above worth the fear and doubt; something that puts the life into the living!