Kevin Patt
Kevin plays this Modified Purple
Guiletti Guitar:

Kevin's Originals
Nashville Recordings
Key         Title

G           Kisses
G           Drunk and Lonesome
A           Way to Busy
A           Won My Wife
C           Memory of You
A/F         Livin In a Daydream
Am/C       How Beautiful
A            Working Time
E            This Bed

Not Yet Recorded

A            Double Dose *
G            Beauty Lies *
A            Lonely Jacks *
A            Hold On Tight * 
Rockabilly Baby *
A            Every Little Bit Fits *
A       Rock This Block *
A       She Put the Rock *
A       Sunday Night *
A       Shut Up N Rock *
G            That Moment *
A            Rock Till Ya Drop
     *Working on for next album *

Lorraine Solo’s

Key         Title

C         Walking After Midnight
A          Crazy
G         Sweet Dreams
G         Brown Eyes Blue
A          Crazy Arms
Bb        I Fall To Pieces
C          Quand Le Soleil
E          I Love Rock N Roll

Kevin and Lorraine

Key               Title
A           Rock This Block (KP)
A           Rockabilly Baby (KP)
A           Bye Bye Love
B           When Will I Be Loved
E           Dream
A           Rocky Top
C           Jackson
E/F         I Got You Babe
G           Think of Me
D           Little Drummer Boy
G           Little Sister
G           Little Bit More
E           Sumertime Blues
E           Gasoline and Matches

Kevin's Songs

Key              Title

E           Good old Cajun Music
D          Seven Nights to Rock
A          Boppin The Blues
A          Match Box
A          Blue Suede Shoes
A          Rockabilly Rebel
E          Do you Love Me
E          Rock n Roll Girls
A          Down on the Corner
A          Hurt So Good
C          I Can See Clearly
E          Last Time
C          Brown Sugar
E          Get Off My Cloud
G          It’s All Over Now
A           Fire Down Below
_           Old Time Rock n Roll
C          Still the Same
D          Rock This Town
C          Crying (Roy Orbison)
More Kevin's Songs

D          Gimme Three Steps
E          Garden Party
A          Cheap and Superficial
A          Cover of Rolling Stone
D          Margaritaville
A           Bring it On Home to Me
E           Do Wa Diddy
D           Crazy Little Thing
_           Wonder of You
_           Special Angel

D          Good Night My Love
_          Good Hearted Woman
Em        Endless Sleep
E          Ferry Cross the Mersey
C          Don’t Let The Sun
D          Rip It Up
A          Blue Moon of Kentucky
A          Blue Moon Turns Gold
D          I Want You I Need You
G          FootLoose

A          I Am I Said
D          Cracklin Rosie
C          Sweet Caroline
A          Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show